limitations with cura

Hi all, I am really at a dead end and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I create some pretty complicated files. The limits on CURA for verts means my files won’t load on CURA-its a frequently discussed problem in those forums with basically cura stating 'it sucks to be you." In the past I have gotten around this by using Simplify 3d to slice the file and putting it on an SD card but the TAZ 6 isn’t a supported printer so the gcode for running the print leveling, etc. isn’t built in. I am just barely hanging on learning all I have had to learn to print and create 3d files (I use Autodesk Fusion 360-which has its own issues with the web based functionality) so am hoping I don’t have to tackle learning to program in G code right now. :slight_smile: Anyway, is there another slicer that supports the TAZ 6 that can also handle large files? I have found one discussion on the S3d forum where someone is experimenting with gcode for the TAZ 6 but he readily admits, he isn’t a gcode expert and he gouged his bed the first few times he ran it. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. thanks!

I use both CuraLE and Simplify3D and have experimented with other slicers like IceSL, KISSlicer, Slic3r, Pathio. CuraLE is based on Ultimaker Cura but not the latest version so I have used Ultimaker Cura as well.

I have “translated” the CuraLE start code to each of these slicers so that the Gcode produced by them can actually be printed on my TAZ 6 without incident. The amount of Gcode “knowledge” needed is minimal. I have posted in the S3D forums but since I’ve never gouged my bed, I must not be the person you are referring to.

For S3D specifically the biggest difference is with “variables” in the start code. The S3D syntax is different, the variable names are different, and the number of different variables is different (S3D has less). This topic discusses the differences and has an old version of my TAZ 6 start code for the Dual Extruder V3 toolhead.

I’d suggest first you find a slicer that can handle your files and then ask for help in configuring that slicer for the TAZ 6. My S3D settings are in need of updating as there has been a few CuraLE releases which include newer start code and firmware for the TAZ 6.

thank you! S3D can handle the files so that is not the issue, I just want to be sure I have the right code. :slight_smile:

For the single extruders, the S3D start code should be line for line identical except for those lines with a {Cura variable} on them. These lines should either have [S3D variable] or a constant number to replace the {Cura variable}.

For the dual extruder, the topic I referenced before explains the additions I made to both the CuraLE and the S3D start codes so that I could print Gcode files from either slicer in any order.

The end code can be handled similarly (but isn’t as critical as the start code).

Slice a simple part with both slicers and examine the beginning (and the end) of the gcode files to see that your start and end scripts were added successfully.

thank you!