TAZ6 and Slic3R?

I have a TAZ6 printer that works well using CURA 20.01
CURA usually works pretty good for most of the stuff I’m building.
Sometimes, I get a rough anomaly on 45 degree overhangs that looks quite messy.
When I look at the sliced file in CURA, it shows the layers where the anomaly happens as
being sliced a bit goofy.

SO; I thought I’d try Slic3r.
There is a posting concerning Slic3r in this forum, but everything is dated approx. 2014
I don’t think the TAZ6 existed at that time.
I’m at a loss on how to set it up with the before and after scripts that clean the extruder and level the bed.

Does anyone use Slic3r with a TAZ6 and maybe have some clues on how I can find out how to
set it up?

Thanks for any suggestions or comments.

I don’t own a Taz6, but what I did for my Mini was just copy over the start and end gcode from Cura to Slic3r and configured that printer with what I knew where the correct (bed, extruder, ) dimensions and filament presets etc. and was good to go. Realise however that it took me a while to understand all the extra controls I had at my disposal compared to Cura and so took a while to “dial in” my configs for the Mini.

Thanks mrvanes.
I copied the start and end code Directly from CURA.
I’m planning on printing the gcode on paper, of a simple 1mmx10mm rectangle that is about 0.6mm in the z axis.
I’ll generate gcode in both CURA and Slic3r to compare them.

And make sure you download 1.3.0-dev instead of the old 1.2.9. I know -dev sounds scary but it’s lightyears ahead of 1.2.9!
http://dl.slic3r.org/dev/ The files you see there are builds of the last git commits (hence the strange characters in the name).