Lithophane Lamp - 5 panels TAZ 5

Evening everyone,

Here are some images of my latest project which is going to be a present for the wife. I decided to make a lamp
by printing Lithophanes of the wife and my daughter. So there are four side panels and one top panel printed in
white ABS to a thickness of 3mm.

Lithophanes are panels or plaques which when back lite reveal an embedded image - they look really cool !

I used the software Photo2Mesh V4 to generate the STL files from imported images. Because you must print with
100% fill each panel took around five hours to print. All four panels are arranged into a box with one plane bottom
panel and aluminium sprayed with Pewter as corner pieces to hide to joints. A fifth panel acts as a removable lid
section. A low energy LED type house light is used in the lamp to minimize the internal heat generated. The metal
lamp base is off the shelf and is touch to start, has three brightness settings and touch to switch off.

I arranged the print to give about sixteen levels of gray which gave OK resolution but with a nice stepped look
and was a good compromise on print time.

Hope you like ?



Welp, we know who is winning Christmas this year, that looks amazing!

Excellent! That’s a nice step up from simply importing .jpgs in Cura.

Thanks for the feedback guys,

Hope the Mrs likes it - might score a few Brownie points but they never last long :laughing:

Have a great Christmas everyone !



Better to have some brownie points to loose than no points at all! Well done on the lamp Dave. It is simply amazing!

Cheers Chris,

Yes, always best to bank points when the chance arises :laughing: