3D printed "selfies" and lithophanes- EASY!

If you haven’t tried opening a .jpg or .bmp in Cura, give it a try!
Select (usually) lighter is higher to get convex “selfies”.
For “lithophanes”, “mirror” the image in X, (typically) select “darker is higher” to achieve a concave effect.
Flip the finished print over so the bed side is facing you, and backlight (hold it up to a light source) for a cool effect!
Other tips:
Light smoothing is usually good.
Scale the print uniformly to get the X or Y size you want, then unlock uniform scaling and reduce Z to 10mm or so.

I can’t wait to try this (just ordered mini today)! How deep is the print / features?

The Mini prints these very nicely. You select the base and print thickness. It usually help to unlock uniform scaling to flatten the image. You can experiment to get a look you like.

this is very cool, thanks for the tip! I am now thinking of how to best set up a photo to take advantage of this!