Live Z Adjust

How do I do a live z adjust while my TAZ 4 is printing? I’m on Marlin from 2014.

The reason for my question is that If my hot end is too low or too high I need to move the hot end down or up to compensate.

That is a Mini and Taz 6 function that is not in the Taz 4/5 firmware. They are manual height adjusted printers with the Thumb screw on the left side of the printer. Along with manually leveled heat bed adjustment.

Thanks for the info. I upgraded my TAZ 4 hardware to TAZ 6 with the metal corner washers that get tapped to create the print plane, the thicker x-axis rods, anti-seize bushing on the z-axis, etc; however I did not upgrade the electronics box and I’m still running TAZ 4 dual extruder firmware because I was unable to get the TAZ 6 firmware to run properly on my setup.

I guess this is another reason to take another stab at getting the TAZ 6 firmware to work on my upgraded printer. I’m wondering if the electronics box also needs to be upgraded to run the TAZ 6 firmware properly or if it s/ work on the TAZ 4 electronics box / RAMBO board?

The old control box does not have enough pins/wires to run all the additional lines you need. The board can do it but you would have to run the extras through a hole drilled/cut in the case.