V3 Dual Extruder on TAZ 4

Hello Everyone,

While we haven’t specifically included firmware or install directions for the v3 dual extruder on the TAZ 4 some of our more advanced users may want to try their hand at making it work! Below you can find a brief overview of how to get this up and running for people who want to give it a shot.

As this tool head is all set up for a TAZ 5, the easiest path for using it on your printer is to upgrade your TAZ 4 to a TAZ 5. The only major difference between the two versions is: the 5 came with an all metal hot end, PEI on the bed, internal wire harnesses to support the extra cooling fans for the all metal hot end, and a different connector for hot ends for ease of use.

First things first, you will need to install two internal wiring harness for your controller box. They can be purchased here: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/internal-blower-harness-add (If you have already installed a Hexagon hot end upgrade, you will only need one additional harness.)

Wiring harness for Extruder port 1 directions can be found on step 9 here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz4-hexagon-toolhead/accessories/

Wiring harness for extruder port 2 directions can be found here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/workflow/prep-taz-4-second-extruder/accessories/

Next install the updated tool head harness to match the v3 connector pins. This is a simple screw in to the controller box, and will allow connection to the extra fans on the tool head. This can be purchased here: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/lulzbot-taz-5-v2c-tool-head-harness

Those are the only hardware modifications required! For getting everything else set up, follow through with the TAZ 5 and TAZ 6 install directions in the OHAI kit here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/lulzbot-taz-dual-extruder-tool-head-v3-install/accessories/

When flashing the firmware, be sure to use the TAZ 5 firmware. With the hardware changes, you’re now rocking a TAZ 5!

As a note, when setting up Cura you can re-name your Machine to a TAZ 4 v3 Dual Extruder to prevent confusion.

We hope this helps!

upgrading a Taz 4 with a FlexyDually v2
the hardware part is easy but, I have customized my firmware to include auto bed leveling for the taz 4 (using a servo z probe, etc…)

Is there any place that documents the changes I will need to make to the arcuino / marlin codebase to support the new hexagon hotends? (I cannot use your baked firmwares due to my bed leveling customization)

Is there a git repo for the taz 5 firmware that I can refer to for these settings?

I am thinking it will just be a matter of setting Min/Max temps on the extruders and some changes related to fan pins?

any direction you have is greatly appreciated.
thank you,

As long as you use the new Marlin 1.1.5.* FW that is in the “devel” branch of LulzBot Marlin, it should be fairly easy. Simply compile TAZ 5 FW for the toolhead and it should work on a TAZ 4.

With the new Marlin “devel” branch, you modify the file “Marlin/Configuration_LulzBot.h” to set what printer and toolhead you want to compile for. The actual differences are worked out by the “Marlin/Conditionals_LulzBot.h” file. If you need to make small adjustments for your own use, you can still modify “Configuration.h” and “Configuration_adv.h” as before.

Git repo: https://code.alephobjects.com/diffusion/MARLIN/
Git branch: devel