Looking for Cable to connect dual extruder V2 to Taz6

Hi I’d like to buy a cable to connect a dual extruder V2 to my Taz6. Anyone have any leads?

Have you been in contact with Lulzbot Support?

I contacted Lulzbot support recently for the same thing, they mentioned that the harness linked below actually works perfectly for that. I bought one, but haven’t tried it yet.

Hope this helps, Ben

I have the V2B connectors and wanted the V2C connector, but since the adapters aren’t sold anymore and IT-Works doesn’t have them in stock, I said ok I’ll buy that cable listed above for $32.

Right up until I went to pay and found out shipping was over $20 (in CONUS).

Nope, I’ll make my own. Def not paying $52 for that cable.

I didn’t see the specific cable you were looking for listed but you could email Zach at IT-Works 3D, he probably has the parts and can make what you need.


RE: Contacted Lulzbot for a cable…

That was a great suggestion!
I contacted Lulzbot support. They got back to me within 24 hours (like twelve) with a quote on a cable and a link to clear instructions…I believe that I’m on my way to ‘problem solved’…Soon as I hook it up and see beads oozing out of two nozzles. I’ll report back.