Looking for someone to print something for me

I’m looking for someone with a TAZ6 and a build housing to make 3 parts for me from fiberglass filled Polycarbonate (Owens-Corning GF30-PC).

  • Recommended nozzle temperature: 290-330°C
  • Recommended bed temperature: 80-110°C
  • Printing speed: 30-100mm/s

My goal is to see if the material is stiff & strong enough for the parts. I also need to know if such an add-on build housing will allow me to print this material successfully on my TAZ6 .

I’ve been printing NylonX prototypes for high-stress components in the footwell of my kayaks, using my TAZ6 without a build area housing. The NylonX is too flexible, as seen in the last picture below.

I can send the material and the STL files, and will pay for your service. The 3 parts will take most of half a Kilo.

You can email me
Jude at Huki com.

See 2 pics below…The items I want printed are the two long-narrow tracks on each side of the heel plate, and the heel plate with the logo . I don’t need the two articulating pedals or the travel-cars that hold the heel plate to the tracks.

Does that filament recommend a hardened nozzle?

What kind of VOCs? Anything nasty?

I have a TAZ 6 with the Printed Solid Enclosure but I haven’t got an outside vent installed yet.

I found an MSDS on Ultimaker PC on Matterhackers.com website


Here is a link to the technical data for XStrand PC.


I think I’ll wait for someone who has printed PC before, it will be quite time and money consuming for you to try to print this just once. I thank you very much for replying.

Links are to your hard drive which I can’t access (and that’s a good thing!)

I just asked a couple of questions that someone else might want the answers to.

I have a Taz 6 with a moarstruder which would cut down on the time it would take to print that but not sure if it will reach temps sufficient to print the material you have in mind.

Thanks for the offer. I covered my TAZ6 with high temp plastic sheet as a housing and attempted a variety of prints. Experiments completed. 290c is not enough to produce the flow necessary to print dependable, functional, cleanly finished parts in fiber infused polycarbonate. Needs to be 310c minimum. 320c optimal.

Next, going to experiment with alloys. Likely won’t be satisfied with fiber infused polycarbonate alloys.

My TAZ6 is a fantastic printer, but it’s limitations are that 290c heat. 310 would help print polycarbonate, but 340c would put PEEK in its sights.

Update as of Aug 18th…

I’ve been printing on my Lulzbot Taz 6; Fiberglass reinforced Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber reinforced Polycarbonate from American producers with significant luck. Even at the maximum nozzle temp of 290c (280c listed as minimum for PC), I’m getting nicely melted beads leading off the nozzle at 45mms…even at 60mms. Very nicely finished parts that are super stiff, hard and incredibly strong. Far better than carbon reinforced Nylon.

My only problem left to resolve is a wad of PC that collects onto the tip of the nozzle, then is pushed upward by successive material collecting on the tip. I postulate; (without much proof) that PC or the fibers are attracted to heat, therefore as a tiny new clump of PC sticks on the nozzle from the part, the previous material stays on the nozzle rather than being attracted to the colder material on the part, and sticking it onto the part. It all moves upward towards the heat block (source of heat), until enough mass develops that a collapse occurs onto the part in one large wad.

I cannot find that it is a problem with the machine, but rather a complication with Polycarbonate. I’ve printed a lot of Nylon with Carbon Fiber in it without any similar issue. Carbon fiber in other plastics too. So few people are printing PC that I haven’t found anyone to discuss the issue with.