Looking for someone to print something for me

I’m looking for someone with a TAZ6 and a build housing to make 3 parts for me from fiberglass filled Polycarbonate (Owens-Corning GF30-PC).

  • Recommended nozzle temperature: 290-330°C
  • Recommended bed temperature: 80-110°C
  • Printing speed: 30-100mm/s

My goal is to see if the material is stiff & strong enough for the parts. I also need to know if such an add-on build housing will allow me to print this material successfully on my TAZ6 .

I’ve been printing NylonX prototypes for high-stress components in the footwell of my kayaks, using my TAZ6 without a build area housing. The NylonX is too flexible, as seen in the last picture below.

I can send the material and the STL files, and will pay for your service. The 3 parts will take most of half a Kilo.

You can email me
Jude at Huki com.

See 2 pics below…The items I want printed are the two long-narrow tracks on each side of the heel plate, and the heel plate with the logo . I don’t need the two articulating pedals or the travel-cars that hold the heel plate to the tracks.

Does that filament recommend a hardened nozzle?

What kind of VOCs? Anything nasty?

I have a TAZ 6 with the Printed Solid Enclosure but I haven’t got an outside vent installed yet.

I found an MSDS on Ultimaker PC on Matterhackers.com website


Here is a link to the technical data for XStrand PC.


I think I’ll wait for someone who has printed PC before, it will be quite time and money consuming for you to try to print this just once. I thank you very much for replying.

Links are to your hard drive which I can’t access (and that’s a good thing!)

I just asked a couple of questions that someone else might want the answers to.