Can anyone shed some light on the print settings we use for polycarbonate? I installed the polyschnozzle but polycarbonate requires high temperatures for proper melting. If my temperature limitations are 240C, how can I print properly with polycarbonate? :confused:

If you have Polyschnozzle’d your Buda, then you can do 290C. Here are some slic3r configs and sample gcode:



You may also need to change a setting in your firmware to remove the software temperature cap. On Marlin, in file Configuration.h line 86: change “#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 250” to “#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 295”. You’ll need to update your ESTEPS information as well. You can get those settings from your printer paperwork or send the M503 command to pull the settings and display in the Pronterface terminal window. Copy and save that information and manually transfer the settings into Configuration.h. A guide to re-flashing your firmware can be found here: https://www.lulzbot.com/?q=support/re-flashing-your-3d-printers-firmware

Yes I reflashed. But now, I send the file to the printer and the printer gets up to temperature, but never starts printing. It seems like it times out or something. I set the high temps to 305 and the print temp to 295. Is this overwhelming the printer? The printer really seems to struggle getting to 295. But it gets there and nothing happens.

Set the temp to zero in Slic3r, and control the temp with Pronterface.