Looking to use slic3r with the Lulzbot Mini

Anyone know how to get it to work properly with the Mini? I’m having issues with the auto bed leveling

You just need to copy the start gcode from Cura and paste it into slicer. I hard coded the wipe, probe and print temps rather than using variables like Cura.

There are also some slic3r profiles for the mini at lulzbot’s site which have the wiping/leveling/cooling commands:


Don’t forget about variable substitution, Cura does it, Slic3r doesn’t

So if it says something like

M140 S{print_bed_temperature}; get bed heating up

Then you better switch the {print_bed_temperature} to something else, namely the temperature you want the bed to be.

I got my Lulzbot Mini last week and now I’d like to try Slic3r because it seems to have more things to control. I tried to download the ABS profile from Lulzbot site but when I try to load it to Slic3r it just shuts down completely without any errors. The other material profiles seemed to load without problems. Could someone upload their profile for ABS so I could have a starting point?


I’ve used the slic3r ABS profile for the Mini from Lulzbot without any issue at all or the need to edit the text of the file in any way. I’ve messed with settings and saved derivatives, also without issue. It’s at the link in post above.

I’d suggest making sure you are using a slic3r profile and not a cura profile. I just tried to load a cura profile into slic3r and it crashed and quit just like you describe. Make sure the file ends in *.ini too – my browser insists on appending .txt or other junk for some reason.