Mini 2 Slic3r PE profile

I tried copying the start and end gcode from the cura profile and got an error. I want to try Slic3r to take advantage of variable layer heights. Before I try to learn marlin and edit the gcode from scratch, I thought I’d ask if anyone had made a Mini 2 Slic3r PE profile.



When using other slicers, you are also going to need to update a few variable names that are unique to Cura. You can find directions on updating the start and end gcode here: (This is the same process for the Mini and Mini 2 printers)

We hope this helps!

If possible and your alternate slicer supports it, substituting variables in the new slicer’s format is preferable to substituting absolute values. Some slicer developers are better at documenting the variables available than others, but search or ask in forums devoted to your slicer of choice for answers.

I think CuraLE 3.2+ has variable layer heights as well (Experimental section, Use adaptive layers).