Low infill on factory lulzbot mini printed parts

I’m not sure if this is standard, but the infill seems very low on these parts.

The printed parts have been breaking a lot lately with normal usage. I just now got a good look at the inside of one of the parts. It just sheered right off on it’s own. With the infill being so low in this part I can only imagine when the other pieces will go.

I really like my lulzbot mini, but this is disappointing.

I believe those are printed at 85%.

I’d be surprised if that was true. I wish they would have printed it closer to 100 to be honest. Seems like it’s closer to 20%.

Well, yours wasn’t apparently, but every other lulzbot part I have taken apart, and I have killed more factory extruder idlers than most people personally was much greater infill than that part.

Well I learned my lesson. When I get this part fixed I’m going to print out 2 or 3 of each part at a higher resolution and higher infill. Thanks for the information.

You should give the beefy extruder a try if your normal one has broken. http://download.lulzbot.com/Mini/1.04/production_parts/printed_parts/beefy_extruder_idler/

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

It looks like the support for that extruder body did not print well and weakened that point of the print thus causing it to fail there. The layers at the point where the support attached looks bad on the side away from the bolt head there and weak.

If you are printing your own parts, I’ve had better luck printing from their g-code files, rather than trying to make my own settings by downloading the STL and putting in my own tweaks. I believe their G_Codes are optimized for ABS (I forget the brand - someone told me once, maybe Village Plastics??)

Village plastics is indeed correct, though they may be using other suppliers now too.