Tool head part name?

Is there any exploded diagram of the tool head with all the printed parts named?

In particular, what is the name of this print part? The extruder body?

Mine has developed similar cracks and I would like to print a new one before the printer is out of commission.

For those who have printed this part, can it be printed without supports? What infill did you use?


Poke around here for a bit:

Also, your mini should have come with a usb drive that would have all the files for the printed parts that are on the machine.


Here is a direct link to the part you’re looking for.

If you’re going to print it, production printed parts are 85% infill.

Using ABS and this gcode file of the current release of the part - printable on your Mini:

I printed a spare in Alloy 910, probably just in the nick of time as I see cracks on both sides of the body where the nuts slide in(probably the weakest part since there is not much material there due to the cavity.) Anyway, I 'll see how long it holds up and then swap it out when the printing is affected.
I also printed the beefy idler and idler latch from the devel branch.