printing complete replacement set

Hi I just got my lulzbot mini a week ago and have run through my first kilogram of pla. I have been so pleased with the results thus far. I wanted to buy a roll of abs and print a complete set of replacement parts for the inevitable when it fails. I see online a complete list of parts but i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on optimal way to print. In particular which parts to print together, speed, layer height, etc.


The parts most likely to fail ever are as follows, in this order:

  1. Small extruder gear - Will fail after 1-2 years of heavy use
  2. Large extruder gear - may experiance partial failures after 1-2 years of heavy use
  3. Extruder idler arm - Can fail due to filliament wear or stress cracks, will usually catestrophically fail if removal is attempted - Often gluable.
  4. Extruder body - rare failure part, I’ve seen it happen but usually due to hot end overheat or extruder idler arm removal trauma.
  5. The filliament holder - I’ve seen one report of a broken one.

Thats pretty much it. the extruder carriage could fail as well I suppose, but I haven’t heard of many. The gears are the main thing that will wear over time.

For the gears what infill % should be used? I assume the Cura default of 20% is too low. Maybe get crazy and use 100%?

85% or better. If you can do 100 without overextruding it won’t hurt.