LulzBot Aerostruder v2 Micro Toolhead for Mini1


Is there a timeline on when the adapter for LulzBot Aerostruder v2 Micro Tool Head would be available? I have a Mini 1 and a Taz6 and would like to upgrade to the new Micro tool head.

Link here doesn’t mention an ETA:

Also, I’m curious, is there big change between the Aerostruder v1 and v2? I mean can’t I change the nozzle size on my current Aerostruder? Or does the v2 come with more than just a smaller nozzle size?


We recently released the adapter for the Taz5/6 and Mini. I’ve included links to those below:

Probably the biggest change between the V1 and V2 Aerostruders would be the upgraded heater cartridges. The V1s have a 30W while the V2s have a 40W

We don’t recommend removing the nozzles on our hot ends because it can cause damage to the hot end. The nozzle requires very precise torque and it is very easy to strip the threading on the hot end if over-torqued. We don’t want to encourage any procedure that can damage the printer. Be aware that any damage caused while switching out the nozzle is not covered under the warranty. For reference here is our disclaimer on attempted repairs or modifications:

WARNING: At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBot 3D printer. It is important to know that any modifications or attempted repairs that cause accidental or intentional damage are not covered under the Warranty.