Adapter for the Aerostruder V2 Micro..?

I bought the 0.25mm tool head when it was first announced (2 months ago). But it is not compatible with either of the printers I have (Taz6 & Mini original version). The original press release said that an adapter for these other printers would be released “in the coming weeks,” which implies “soon”, although I suppose it can technically mean anything. Now the writeup for the toolhead just says the adapter is “in development,” which does not imply any schedule at all. Is there any ETA on this?

I had also read about the Adapter plate :neutral_face: which did state that they hoped it to be ready by mid September, I have to say after purchasing the Taz 6 Im a little disappointed that the heads are in such a short supply… I was watching this head to purchase, but obviously there are problems…

TAZ and Mini Adapter mounts for the new tool heads are now live! We should be receiving them into our warehouses over the next couple of days.


Mini 1:

Thanks for letting us know Mine is on order shortly :smiley: