Tool Head Differences

I was looking to change the tool head on my Mini 1.04 since I have been getting some heat creep and subsequently feed issues with PLA.

I see there’s the Mini Aerostruder which has the Titan Aero hot end, it’s a bolt on with the Mini 1. Then there’s the adapter that allows me to fit these tool heads.

Looking closely at them, they also use the Titan Aero hot end. Is the only difference between them the nozzle?

I already have a NozzleX on my current Mini, so couldn’t I just buy the Aerostruder and just change nozzles and profiles and basically have the same tool head as the ones that fit the adapter?

Yup! That and the hobbed bolt is made from hardened steel.

Awesome, thanks for the help!

Besides the nozzle there really no advantage of using the new tool heads that require an adapter vs the Aerostruder?

Not that I can see. The aerostruder printhead for the TAZ 6 worked awesomely! Is my favorite printhead. The new Hermera will be even better but no need to run out and get it if you have the aerostruder. Would love to see a dual Hermera for the Lulzbot printers at a reasonable price.


I actually have a different tool head and I was going to upgrade. I saw the Hemera, but I have so much 3mm filament I don’t want to start from scratch, but that ones on my short list of parts.

You can get the Hermera in 3mm. I might opt for the 1.75mm though, just seems to be a plethora of more filaments in that size.

I had no idea! I might have to reconsider my decision then. :thinking:

The Hemera currently only comes in 1.75mm and there seems to be a “qualty control issue” that they are working on fixing. Printed Solid said they are not selling more until they check their stock to verify the issue has been resolved, but they don’t say what the issue is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: