LulzBot Cura 2.6.69 fails to load STL files


I am trying to print a popular laptop webcam cover:

Unfortunately, when I try to load the STL files, I get a “failed to load” error.

I have been able to print other things off of Thingiverse but for some reason these files fail to load.

Wondering if anyone has anyone thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!

Both of these files are ASCII (text) .stl files but they are valid and after converting them to binary .stl files, they load in CuraLE 2.6.69.

I used Microsoft’s 3D Builder to convert the files. There are other tools (Meshmixer, Simplify3D) that will do this conversion. 3D Builder and Meshmixer are free tools.

They also do not load in CuraLE 3.2.19 but they do load in Ultimaker Cura 3.3.1.

Thanks - I will give those programs a try!