Lulzbot Mini 1.4 with new SL Tool Head Question

Question? I just installed my new SL Tool Head in my Mini 1.4. Everything is fine until I get to the step where they say to level the X-axis. That button is grayed out in the software. I’m using the latest version of the software 3.6.3.

Note the instructions on the site are only for a Mini 2.


Hi Mike,

The Level X-Axis feature is only for the Mini 2. If you would like to level the X-axis on your Mini 1, you can do this manually. You’ll want to raise your tool head toward the top of the frame. Using a ruler or tape measure you will want measure from the top smooth rod of the X-axis to the top of the frame. Please measure on the left or the right. You can then adjust your X-axis by either turning the threaded rod or the coupler that connects the motor shaft to the threaded rod (the coupler looks like a cylinder with black stripes and is located in the green bracket above your Z-axis motors).

You’ll want to make the measurements until both sides are the same.