Lulzbot mini 1 enclosure case fan not spinning


I was wondering if its normal for the enclosure fan that near the rambo mini board to not be spinning. I was doing a 8 hour long print and noticed that it wasn’t spinning at all the multiple times when I checked.
Does this fan only spin if the board reaches a certain temperature or is there something wrong with my wiring?


The fan connector may have fallen off the control board, it should run enough you would notice it.

Thanks for letting me know what the default behavior is. I opened my mini electronics for the first time and found out that the enclosure fan was plugged into T1 (an unused thermistor).
I plugged the enclosure fan as indicated in step 6
The fan is not still spinning upon the mini booting up. Now I just want to know if my fan is busted or there’s something wrong the rambo mini fan connector :unamused: