Lulzbot Mini electronics fan

I just noticed the (electronics) fan on my lulzbot mini has stopped spinning. The mini seems to print fine but I’m sure that the service life of the circuit board will diminish greatly unless I fix this issue. Is it safe to assume that I need to just simply replace the fan? After poking around this forum and the internet, it seems like this is not a common issue. On a side note I pulled the enclosure off to observe the other side of the fan, but my computer could not connect to the lulzbot mini which I found odd. All thoughts and ideas are welcome! Thanks!

Which fan? There are two.

One fan is meant to cool the “cold end” of your extruder. This fan is blowing air onto the aluminum heat-sink on the cold-end of the extruder.

The other fan is the “part cooling fan” and is meant to blow air on the filament after it exits the extruder to help it set up on the part as the filament is being laid down. That fan is blowing air into the air-duct which directs the air at the nozzle.

The fan on the extruder (that cools the cold end) should run continuously while the printer is operating.

The part cooling fan only operates based on the settings you used in your slicer software (e.g. Cura, etc.)

Typically layer 0 leaves that fan off so the material will get a better bond to the print-bed. As soon as it gets above layer 0, that fan might turn on (possibly at a slower speed) and might increase speeds at higher layers. But this is completely controlled by slicer settings (some materials call for leaving the fan off at all times.)

Make sure you know which fan is not working and, if it is the part cooling fan, you want to make sure the reason it isn’t operating is simply because the slicer settings told it remain off.

Thanks for responding. The fans on the extruder / head tool are fine. I’m talking about the fan next to the power supply.

According to the BOM in the build docs, it looks like it’s a Pelonis high flow fan 80x80x15mm with Pelonis part number C8015H24BLP1b-7.

Looks like my journey will start here:

I’m going to take a leap of faith and order one and swap it out. Hopefully, this will restore the airflow capability

Ordering seems to be a challenge. Any idea who carries them?

I got a replacement. Turns out the fan is fine and the printed circuit board is not delivering 24 volts. I could wire the fan directly into the power supply. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The power supply fan toggles on and off. It usually is off then turns on after a print. I don’t know the settings or if it’s temperature dependent, but it’s not on all the time.

Thank you Iggy for solving the last part of the mystery. I just did a test print and everything worked. The old fan sounded awful and then it wouldn’t work. Everything is back to 100% Thanks again.

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