Lulzbot mini 1 hot end repair help?

I’ve got an older lulzbot mini 1, no display. Stock hot end, and replacing the nozzle has gone sideways. The new tip seemed to thread in fine when it was 250C but I decided to take it apart and clean it all out. First the nozzle would not unscrew even at 250C - tip of nozzle snapped off. If I can somehow get the nozzle neck out of the block, I also ran into this problem (picture).

I took out the tiny screw that I thought was holding the rod of the block inside the heatsink, but when I twisted it a tiny bit it made a pop noise and the rod is still inside the heatsink, which I’m not real experienced, but I cannot see a way to get the block to stay attached now…

I’m 90% sure a new hot end is needed now and looking for cheap replacement alternatives or even the main factory replacement parts which I cannot seem to find for the mini1 model I have… I don’t want to eat up my kids Christmas funds trying to get the printer working - but I did have plans to print things for Christmas presents….

Can anyone provide some support on the best method to get me back up and running please? Links in the US are preferred - Amazon has fast shipping to get me up and running if that’s an option.

I’d look into converting to a V6 hot end, or just updating the tool head.

It’s been done a few times, and searching on the boards can find some resources such as this: Converting to E3d-V6 hotend - #9 by tmorris9

A generic V6 clone can be had for under $15, and you can print a mounting plate if you don’t have access to somebody with metalworking equipment.

Thanks for that information. I cannot seem to find any V6 clones on amazon - maybe I’m not searching correctly?

Is this V6 conversion require any changes to the firmware? I can only seem to find 1.75mm hotends - is that compatible with the extruder gear on the lulzbot or will I need to play with that too? I’d much rather stick with the 2.85mm filament since I have a lot available.

@Wrathernaut does it look like I broke the hot end I have since the rod is stuck in the heatsink and not the block? Or is there a way to repair this?

I’m not sure what voltages the Mini uses either - a lot of hotends I’ve seen say 5v, 12v, or 24v… Are there any 3.00/2.85mm hotends available with the proper voltage you’d recommend?

Thanks again!

Aliexpress is the go-to for clones:
24v, wade 3.0 hotend for under $6. Pretty sure you’ll need to swap the heatbreak fan for 5v.

You can probably find somebody on eBay reselling those to get one faster.

Quality control is usually hit or miss, but picking up a few usually compensates for one not working right.

I know the taz 6 uses 5v heatbreak fans, 24v heating elements, and 24v part cooling fans. I think they’re the same for the mini. Few kits will come with 5v heatbreak fans, but you can usually re-use what you have.

That is a Hexagon V6 hotend, a standard V6 may be too long(check to make sure). Nozzle broke due to expansion difference brass to aluminum - AKA your nozzle was tightened up against the bottom of the heat block and not the bottom of the heatbreak. Saw this on a lot of hotends when I did refurbishing of old printer farm machines.