New Mini 1 hot end/heat block?

I have two Lulzbot Mini 1’s and on both of them several of the wires connected to the heat block have gotten pulled out or disconnected over time with wear and tear (or, in one case, pure user incompetence). Does anyone have advice for either reconnecting those wires or purchasing new heat blocks?
I’m a new user so I can’t connect more than one image, so if you do have advice on reconnecting the wires or need to see the places the wires are disconnected, let me know and I’ll post the pictures of the hot ends in the comments!

If the only solution is replacement parts, I don’t even need the hexagon attachment or the nozzle, just the block that all the wires go into and out of.
The only thing I’ve seen on the offical Lulzbot website that’s at all similar to the mini 1 hot end is the ‘LulzBot LongBlock Hexagon Hot End Kit, 1.2mm’, which isn’t what I want. All of the others seem to be in the mini 2 style, which, according to my research, isn’t going to be compatible unless I purchase a brand new toolhead, which I would like to avoid if at all possible.
Off of the Lulzbot website I found things like this or this. Both of which are for 1.75mm filament, not 3mm, and I’d really like to keep to a 3mm block if at all possible.

Thanks so much in advance for the advice!