Lulzbot Mini 1 Y-axis offset when auto-leveling

This actually happened years back: the Y-axis is offset such that the wipe isn’t in the center of the felt pad, and the 2 front washers don’t get touched at their center but at the very edge. This caused problems with leveling but I managed to work around it.

However… I replaced the heater and put an Octograb plate, and now the 2 front washers don’t make good contact with the nozzle anymore. I know there is some 4mm offset somewhere but I’m on the latest firmware and latest stable Cura Lulzbot, so not sure what I’m missing.

The toolhead is also an important part of the equation. If you are using the wrong tool head firmware then this could cause an issue.

I’m using the original toolhead (whatever it’s called, this is a 2018 Lulzbot Mini). I looked more closely and the extruder nozzle doesn’t actually hit the left front washer; the nozzle bored a tiny hole through the PEI sheet to the underlying flexible steel plate to complete the circuit. The right front washer did get hit.

I suspect the entire Y-axis needs to be moved back a couple MM? is that the correct approach? or is there a way to set an offset in Gcode? I tried G29 V4 and got these results.

I’m not familiar with the specifics of the Lulzbot Mini but you can check for the build instructions

I was having the same problem with my Mini1. Wipe was on the back of the pad, first part hitting the pad holder. After some research I found you can set the Y-offset using the M206 command. I ended up with setting the offset to Y2.50, but I still have some fine tuning to do.

Procedure is:
M501 - check current offset value. Look for the M206 line, mine all were 0.00.
M206 Yx.xx where x.xx is the new Y-offset.
M500 to save. Setting seems to have no effect if you don’t save.