Shifting, offset layers on y-axis

Hi all.

I ordered a lulzbot mini after every review I saw told of how it works ‘out of the box’.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been my experience :frowning:

The problem I am having is my layers are coming out offset on the y-axis, resulting in a tilted object. It appears to be mainly on the first 10 to 15 layers, the rocktopus looked okay except at the bottom. I figured it may be from a bit of dust settling after sitting in Australian Customs for 2 weeks.

But even after cleaning and checking all belts etc, it’s still doing it. On my old MendelMax 1.5 I would just up the current on the driver and it seems to fix it, but obviously I shouldn’t have to do that on the mini.

The y-axis squeaks quite a bit and is not smooth to push along manually. It is quite jerky. I tried some WD40, but then discovered apparently the bushings are self lubricating. It didn’t work anyway, so I cleaned it off.

Anyway if anyone could help I would be grateful, as the main reason I bought the mini was due to all the issues I had with my self-built reprap.

Also, returning the printer isn’t really an option as I had a really hard time getting it imported to Australia and it would be a nightmare going through the process over again.


I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with your Mini. We do intend for these printers to work directly out of the box. When an issue like this occurs, we would like to get the unit back for an evaluation to help prevent issues for customers in the future.

With the problems out of the box, and the WD40 added to the bushings, we do not know what issues you could encounter in the future. We highly recommend taking advantage of the warranty and return policy included with your Lulzbot Mini. If you can please contact our support team at or 1-970-377-1111 we will be happy to get the exchange process started. To help expedite the procedure, please include:

*Printer Serial Number
*Original Order Number
*Desired Shipping Address
*Phone Number (for shipping purposes)

As you had some issues with customs on the first printer, we will be happy to send this Delivered Duty Paid to prevent any extra delays.

Well the good news is hopefully I have avoided having to return the printer over something so trivial.

After inspecting the thing over once more I have discovered that the GT pulley/gear? Wasn’t installed properly.

The instructions here: say that it should sit around 5 mm above the base of the motor. Mine is flush. Around the gear was a heap of residue from what looked like either grinding or dust I can’t tell.

I’ve cleaned it up and it looks like prints are coming out good again, albeit still a little slanted, and the thing still squeaks quite a bit.

I wanted to adjust the set screw (is it a grub screw?), but I couldn’t get in there with the right tool without taking apart the bed assembly. The other thing I notice is that the screw doesn’t line up with the flat keyed bit on the motor shaft, and obviously that is ticked in the QA report that came with the printer.

Once again, I’m really hoping that I don’t have to return the printer. The postage alone is in the hundreds. I know Lulzbot have offered to pay duties, but what about taxes? I don’t have a car so getting the thing to the post office is difficult too. And to add to the logistics of it all I’m also moving house in 2 weeks.

If it helps at all here are some pictures I took after cleaning up the pulley. (excuse the potato quality)

Misaligned grub screw

Raspberry pi case replacement (orange is the old one I printed on my Mendelmax 1.5)
notice how the white one is slanted - it’s not an illusion that’s how it looks.

The two same objects on top of each other.

Unrelated PLA bed adhesion issue

Anyway, I’m almost certain that this is an issue that I can fix on my end without returning it. Would love to hear other people’s opinions.

Yeah, that set screw is backed way out in the picture. There are actually 2 set screws per pulley, one that will line up with the flat spot, and another that will be on the shaft somewhere. It looks like at least one of those set screws is significantly loose. It would be worth the effort to get that tightened down if you can. The easiest way to do so is power down the printer, then un plug the Y axis motor so you don’t feed an electrical pulse back into your control board, then manually move the pully until you can slide the short end of an L shaped Allen wrench into the set screw and tighten it down. Also verify that at least one of the 2 set screws is on the flat spot. if it isn’t, loosen them both and readjust as appropriate. Once you have it repoisitoned, reconnect the motor, power up the printer, then re-home it from Prointerface or Cura or whatever you are using. That will reset the Y=0 position to the endstop if you had to adjust the pulley.

I would also lift the drive cog up a little so it no longer rubs against the motor body.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Somehow I managed to drop the set screw and I spent the next 30 minutes looking for it! Alas I couldn’t find it so now my printer is out of order until I can get a replacement screw. My vacuum cleaner will probably find it one day.

Thanks again.