Update - fixed! Consistent underextrusion - clogged nozzle?

Heyo, I’ve had my Lulzbot Mini for a few years now, though it’s been offline for the past year. I’ve finally been able to get back to printing and I fired it up today, expecting to have to do some re-calibration/configuration/etc.

I’ve printed a bunch of calibration cubes now on a few different spools of filament (all PLA) but I’m running into a consistent issue that looks like underextrusion. A picture says a thousand words:

Both cubes were printed at 200C, 3.00mm filament, 0.38mm level height (rough); the left cube at 100% extrusion rate, the right, 105%. The right one is slightly better, but both are pretty gappy, making them quite weak structurally.

Any ideas what direction I should go in here to improve print quality? Thanks!

[Update] Fixed it – esteps were waaaaay off. Recalibrated and good to go.

Tighten the idler? Maybe its having a hard time pushing the filament through the extruder.

I dug into all levels of settings and eventually decided to check the esteps… which were way off and suddenly obviously the cause of this issue. Recalibrated the esteps and I’m back in business.