Lulzbot Mini Head Clogged :(

Hey guys I have a mini that has a nasty head clog with PETG fro Esun.

The filament will not extrude and will not pull out either. From what my wife told me she was printing and noticed her model looked really bad.

She stopped the print and attempted to extrude material after bringing it to temp. She failed to get it to extrude and can’t get it to pull out either.

Do you have any ideas or methods for repairing the head. I want to avoid head replacement if possible.



It is not really a clog, but a filament lock. The filament has flared out right near the top of the cold end between the brass insert at the top and the cold end body right below it. There is a very tiny v shaped beveled area between these two pieces and requires the hot end to be taken apart and the brass insert removed to be able to free the filament.

They are a pain the first few times you get it but after a few you get to where you can clear them in just around 10 minutes from disassembly to reassembly of the hot end.

Do not try and drill it out! I worked on one that ‘fix’ was attempted on two weeks ago, and I think you want to not have to buy a new hot end.