Highest Layer Quality

Hello Lulzbot Comm, I just picked up my first 3D printer after months of research and decided on the Lulzbot Mini! So far I love the machine and have printed some very successful prints from the get go.

Before I dive to deep into the experimentation phase, could yall provide me with some minimums and maximums on what the L Mini can do.

For example what is the minimum / maximum Layer Height (mm) the L Mini can successfully print at? With the smaller layer heights (sub .18, ie .10 .08 etc) should you print at a faster or slower speed?

Thank you

You should be able to go down to the micron level (0.075mm or smaller) with a very well dialed in printer if you want to take the time and effort to get there. Maximum layer height is going to be a bit less than the nozzle diameter, because the plastic has to squish a bit into the previous layer for adhesion. The plastic comes out as a cylender and deposits as an extruded half cylender basically. So a 0.5mm nozzle can print a 0.4mm layer height if necessary, etc.

Smaller layer heights are generally going to be less successful at higher speeds.