Lulzbot Mini Layering Issue

Hello all!

I am having a bit of an issue with a print I am trying to do with regards to how the layers are going down. For the most part the print looks great, but I’m having gaps appear in certain areas that are not always in the same spot when printing the same model. I am using IC3D ABS 3MM white filament, and for my settings I loaded the profile off the flashdrive that the printer came with titled ABS medium quality.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like.

Bump the temperature up 5-10 degrees on the nozzle. ABS tends to separate like that when its too cold. Also make sure your fillament fan is off.

Thank you for your reply. I currently have a print running but I will try and adjust the printing temp up 5 to 10 degrees once this one is done and report back with my findings. I am printing in my basement so its naturally colder down here so that would make sense.

That worked, thank you for your assistance.

You’re welcome!

For future reference you can adjust temperature, fan speed etc through the LCD whilst a print is running.

At least you can on the big taz, I assume the mini also also a control box?


nope, the mini does not have control box… well not from stock :wink:

All the Best

Wasn’t aware of that. You should still be able to control those things in cura (if that’s what you use) as its printing.

So, after further testing I am still having this problem with larger prints. I successfully printed a slightly smaller print with no cracks @ 260 degrees so I am going to try my larger print again at 260 and I am also going to disable the cooling fan to see if that helps. I’m printing in my basement so I’m assuming this is why I’m having issues.

Is it possible to heat up the ABS too much? I read in another post that the max ABS should be heated is 260, is this true? Or can I go up more if 260 does not work with this print?

Thank you for all the assistance… this little noobie appreciates it greatly.

260 is very high for ABS. You also don’t want the cooling fan on with ABS at all unless you are printing a small layer or bridging. 240-245 is where you should be at for most ABS, the neutral and white colors being the exception cases

I’m just wondering if being in my basement is causing these issues since the air is much colder than a normal printing environment. 260 degrees on my larger print came out with no cracks in it and I did not run the fan, I will try turning the temperature down and running it with the same model with the fan off again.

yes, ABS is highly sensitive to the surrounding environment, and it tends to cool unevenly. For a very cold basement, you really need an enclosure around the printer to successfully print ABS without lifting. Increasing the temperature can help, but once you get around 260 the ABS starts breaking down and releasing much more toxic gasses.

Turkey bags taped around your printer works well as a temporary enclosure to try it out. Make sure the Rambo board box is on the outside of whatever enclosure you come up with.

I’m going to create a makeshift enclosure and see how it runs like that, definitely turning down the temperature though!

Since this is a Mini, there are those acrylic panel enclosure add on kit thingies you can get too.

I rigged something together that I am trying at the moment, fingers crossed! If this doesn’t work I’ll most likely be ordering an enclosure for it.

Good luck!

Well, the makeshift enclosure worked fairly well. I went ahead and ordered a proper enclosure anyway though.

Thank you for your continued help!