Modular Print Bed install

Either the instructions are wrong, or my relatively new Mini is weird. Also the materials included for installation were not consistent with BoM.

Here’s the link:

The printed mounts were not as described.
The suggested mounts did were not consistent with my printer.
Serial 10307 should have used the “circle-shaped” per instructions, but they didn’t match the bed bracket on my printer.
As you can see the 8mmx8mm spacers where too short to support the auto leveling washers.
Here’s some notes I provided support:

I believe that the square mounts would work fine if 8mm diameter 10mm height spacers were included as per #2 in the instructions:
(1) LulzBot Mini Modular Bed Corners Kit, Contents:
(4) 16 mm M3 screws

LulzBot Minis with serial number equal to or higher than KT-PR0035NA-07500 - KT-PR0035EU-7659:
(4) NinjaFlex bed corners, 3D printed circle-shaped, 8 mm OD, 10 mm length
(4) Cylindrical Spacers, steel unthreaded 8 mm OD, 10 mm length

<the included spacers where 8mm OD, but also 8mm length instead of 10mm which was required to account for the silicone pad on the heated print bed>

LulzBot Mini’s with serial number equal to or below KT-PR0035NA-07126 - KT-PR0035EU-6703:
(4) Ninjaflex bed corners, 3D printed square-shaped, 4.5 mm OD x 8 mm length

<they’re actually 8mm diameter holes>
(4) Cylindrical spacers, aluminum 4.5 mm OD, 10 mm length

Could you please send in a photo of the circular shaped bed corners when you attempt to line them up with the print bed corners so we can see what exactly is going on?

Photo is attached. As you can see, the holes in the “round” mounts to not align with the holes in the bed support.
–pic above


Also in the photo you sent where the washer is sitting out of level, how tight is the nut?

it isn’t tight, but if I tighten it anymore it’ll begin to crush the corner of the class, because the spacer isn’t tall enough to support it, (10mm).


Finally you say it seems like you should be using the square mount with a 10 mm spacer but “the holes in the square mounts are sized for the 10 mm spacers”?

I was mistaken as I hadn’t measured the spacer diameter and was only stating what the documentation stated.
The square mounts have 8mm spacer holes, the round mounts 4.5mm spacer holes.
Since the instructions where wrong, and the included materials were wrong, it was initially confusing, but I’m pretty sure I just need 8mm diameter 10mm height spacers to use with the square mounts. There is a 2nd pic. attached of both the square and round mounts included in the box, which support my observations above. I’m hoping I can find the 8mm x 10mm steel spacers at a hardware store in town. Can you confirm that with my serial number mini, I want steel unthreaded 8mm OD, 10mm length spacers?

Hopefully this will help address the issues with the documentation, or included materials for future customers.

I gave up on trying to explain the situation as support really just wanted to talk about how holes work. I managed to find and modify some spacers that are working well, and support is sending the proper spacers in a week or two…

All that said, the new mod. bed is really nice. Heat is even. Bed adhesion and release is better. And it affords a lot more flexability in trying new beds and even more print materials.

Thank you for sharing this. I was looking at the Modular Bed and you just saved me a lot of headaches! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this write-up. Very informative!

Hello Everyone,

We appreciate this being brought to our attention! The 8mm x 8mm spacers are used on the stock Mini 1.04, while the 8mm x 10mm spacers are required for the Modular Bed. It appears we received the spacers from our vendor under the 8mm x 10mm part number, and they were unfortunately mis-labeled. This was missed in packaging, and has caused this mishap.

We are currently shipping back all units for repacking, to ensure this is compatible with all Mini printers in the field. If you have received a modular bed system and do not have the correct spacers, please reach out to or 1-970-377-1111 and we will get the correct parts shipped out to you free of charge.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we will have these corrected and back in warehouses as soon as possible.

Thanks for the update Brent. Just for the record, even with the hiccup I would absolutely do it again. It’s really convenient to be able to quickly switch out print beds and tweak things around a bit. Excited to try out the aero head once that’s up in the store as well.