Lulzbot Mini Start and End Codes with Cura2.3 Beta

Hi everyone. I am trying the new custom machine settings with the recently released Cura 2.3 Beta but I can’t get the start and end gcode to work.

The only thing I have tried is to copy the old start and end gcode from the old version of cura. The bed heats up, but the hotend doesn’t. Once the bed heats up the hotend starts heating up to printing temperature and performs a wipe and auto level. But once it starts printing it turns the hotend off.

Anyone have luck using cura 2.3 beta? What start and end gcode are you using?

look here:

Thank you. It is way easier now, you just go into custom settings and done. The old start start and end code didn’t quite work, I had to use the one from the provided hack to get it to work.
Untitled.tiff (101 KB)
So far I am seeing much improved prints, but I still need to play with it around a bit more to verify if its not just the placebo effect of new software.

Asmujica, good to hear that you got it working. If you do find better print settings please report back what you changed. This will help build what will become the new stock settings used in Cura LulzBot Edition :slight_smile: