Lulzbot Mini temperature dropping to zero when printing


I have a relatively new Lulzbot mini which I have only used to make around 12 prints in the last 2-3 months. Everything was perfect until today.
I preheat the extruder and build plate. When I hit “print” the temperature of the extruder immediately begins to drop, and continues to drop until it reaches 0.
I have checked all of the external connections.
I tested this without heating the build plate, and the same thing occurred.
It does not seem to take longer or shorter to reach the target temperature than it normally has.
I unplugged and replugged everything.
I ensured the firmware and Cura software is up-to-date and restarted my computer.

What can I do?


What software are you using to print? Try slicing with another slicer or at least a different profile. Look in the gcode and see if that is setting temp to 0. Also, unless you are printing somewhere the ambient temp is 0, then it shouldn’t see 0. It does sound weird.

When, exactly, is the temp dropping? Are you pre-heating and extruding some test filament to prime things? When you click print, the printer drops the temp to do the bed self-leveling procedure, then ramps up the right temp to print after that.