First time printer

I am a beginner for the Lulzbot mini.
Following the quick start book, I connect the machine to my Win19 desktop with CURA.
I am able to set the temperature at 205C but when I start to print.
I notice that the temperature quickly drop and the machine shows the wipe nozzle fails.
What should I do to fix this? Thanks.

It is normal for the temperature to drop before autoleveling if the nozzle has been preheated to extrusion temperature. Your printer has a wipe temperature that depends on the filament being used that is usually just over half of the extrusion temperature, this helps prevent filament from oozing out of the nozzle during autoleveling.

The probe failure will most likely be one of two things. To narrow that down more; which washer does the autoleveling fail on? And do you see the nozzle visibly depressing the corner of the build plate during autoleveling before the failure?