Lulzbot Mini V1.04 Fried Rambo?

So I cleaned the nozzle with a brass brush while it was powered. Who knew…

Now I have a stuck triggered y min and z min. I can unplug the switches from the rambo and nothing changes. I can still connect to the rambo and updated the firmware etc and can console in to it and that is how I know those stops are triggered. The y axis only moves in one direction now.

Yep, it’s fried. As for “who knew” – I’m reasonably sure that Lulzbot’s instructions strongly suggest to NOT use brass brushes on the nozzle, but judging by the sheer volume of posts about this issue, clearly they didn’t make the print large enough!

Board replacement is pretty easy, albeit expensive.

For sure. I have a prusa mk3s as well. Can I just get the board from ultimachine or does it have to be lulzbot?

On the plus side, my nozzle is pretty clean now…

You can also potentially just swap the MCU pins on the Rambo and rebuild firmware with the new pin assignments. Much cheaper that a new Rambo. Fried the original z probe pin on my mini a while back and just changed to a new pin. Given other inherent electrical failure points and the lack of modern stepper drivers or a 32 bit MCU, Rambo mini boards are a tad overpriced in 2021.

Yeah not sure I can do that…

You can buy the bare board from Ultimachine. Tell them what printer you are installing it in.

I have an extra Mini Rambo board (i think 1.1b?) that I don’t have need of. I would be willing to let it go for something fair.

Actually I’m about to continue doing major mods to my Lulzbot Mini (in the process of being a Lulzbot mini - Prusa Mini hybrid) and am about to replace my Mini Rambo with a new Rambo Einsy. So i will soon have 2 spare mini rambo boards that will work with the older Lulzbot mini 1 Series printers.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks, I got one from ultimachine already.

Hi, I have a Taz with a bad z-axis driver (a chip on the Rambo board.) I can’t get a replacement chip, so I am looking for a scrap board from which I can desolder a working chip.
Do you still have your bad Rambo board? Can I purchase it from you?


Sorry, tossed it a good while back.