Lulzbot Mini v1

I have Mini v1 (KT-PR0035NA-1715)
I fried the Y and Z by using a brass brush to clean nozzle.
I cannot find a direct replacement that is in stock. Closest is a Rambo 1.4
According to the board diagrams, I can rewire and mount board easy enough. My only concern is the firmware. Obviously I will need to figure out the configuration for Mini and flash that onto the new board.

Can anyone point me to the config settings that need to be changed in the marlin firmware in order to get my Mini going again please.

Am I going in the right direction, or is there a simpler solution? I went directly to Lulzbot site first. Was even willing to spend way too much for the exact board, but its out of stock. Out of stock everywhere I look.

Thanks in advance for any input.


Hey Matt

Here is my branch for my mini v1 with einsy retro

This board:

If you go back a few commits in the same branch I had a config for an Einsy Rambo but it didn’t really fit well and work reliably… Having physical end stops seemed to be a must as the sensor less homing was only 80% reliable and I got sick of printing wiper pad holders

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@PhatMatt - This one? Mini Rambo by Ultimachine | Control Board 3D Printer Electronics Board | LulzBot

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The drunken octopus firmware paid tier ($5/patreon) has a compiled firmware for the BTT02 board on the Mini v1. I use Drunken Octopus but not with this printer / board. The toolheads for this combination are limited to the hardened steel, but it should just be a matter of copying the hotend portions from the desired config (all of which are provided) and rebuilding.

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Thats the one. It was out of stock Saturday. More than double normal price, but what can you do. Thanks