All I can say here about the Mini one great, great printer. Been using it for about a week now and no issues only great complete prints. I have been using XYZ printer for about 6 months and what a problematic machine. It feels so good to load your item hit print and walk away and feel confident that when you come back to remove it off the bed it will be done and done right. I wish the TAZ 5 had auto bed leveling. I am considering the purchase of the TAZ 5 as an addition, but want to review the bed leveling with someone first to see how time consuming it is. It would be great if Lulzbot would add this feature as a upgrade to the TAZ 5 in the near future…

I had the pleasure of choosing a 3d printer for a friends birthday present.

His wife had no idea what to get and the dude has no prior 3d printing experience. I told her that I think with the lulzbot mini you can’t go wrong.

Yesterday, I gave him a quick 3d printing training and saw the mini in action for the first time. Out of the box, with default cura profiles generated perfect results every damn time. So impressed that I think I’ll need one of those along my current TAZ 4 as well.

Only minor hitch is that the fan of the power supply is making noises that only stop when you hit it with your hand a few times. Other than that, absolutely perfect.

Great job!

It is a great printer for sure… Have you taken the side cover off to see if anything is rubbing the fan… Just make sure you disconnect power source and stay away from the power supply just in case…