So tech support sent me a Lulz mini to get up and running while I wait for parts… really awesome little thing. Pretty much plug and play out of the box…The only thing keeping me from printing is that when the extruder comes down from homing z axis, it starts printing about .5cm above the bed…so it prints in air, and I can’t find anywhere to mechanically adjust the height settings, I’m also confused about why it homes the Z at the top instead of at the bed… and Is it not supposed to perform a four corner bed leveling sequence before every print? It doesn’t seem to do that…what am I missing here. Only things stopping me from gett’n my print on. I have to figure this out soon, 6 days left in my design competition…eeek.

Ok, so I just needed to load a print profile for the mini and it added in that extra G-code, it’s pretty cool how it runs through the nozzle wipe and tags the corners. I knew it was right under my nose! setup could not be simpler, this mini is a game changer guys, gonna bring in a lot of newbies to 3DP. Very cool!!! Look for a video review soon.

Here are the profiles, if you have a mini, make sure you load these into Cura before you load your model.

Great to hear, thanks! I love the Mini. :slight_smile:

Yep, small but awesome…

Do you have any plans to introduce an enclosure accessory for it, for printing the infamous ABS. I have a bunch of suggestions, it would be really easy to integrate something into the metal case, it’s already halfway there. Maybe a small flip up piece of acrylic with a 3D printed hinge on top…

Jeff, I’m assuming the mini has PEI for the build surface, what thickness is it, I think I will take the plunge and upgrade this on my Taz. After seeing how AMAZING it works on the mini, I’m sold on it. :smiley: What would be the recommended thickness of PEI for the Taz?

I don’t know the thickness we’re using offhand, but it is the same on the TAZ & Mini. We are awaiting more of it and the adhesive and we will have it in the store. The adhesive is also critical. We have some very good stuff, but also very permanent. But PEI just lasts, it doesn’t need replacement like tapes or PET.