Lulzbot not functioning

I am using Lulzbot Taz Workhorse and yesterday when I tried to change the nozzle due to clogging, I am not sure what did I touch and I see a spark behind the nozzle and the machine now is not functioning anymore although I turn on the power.
May anyone help me on this please. It is urgent for my project.
Thanks in advance.


You likely blew a fuse,

if that doesn’t solve your problem please get in contact with

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Thanks for sharing the reply. I did not find the spare parts as you shown. Perhaps could you please let me know where it could be? Or which type of fused it requires?
And do you have guide how to change the fuse?


Go ahead and unplug your printer and open the side of the printer’s control box. (the side that the SD card goes into).

There are 3 fuses on the board. The 15 amp spade automotive fuse at the top right, and 2x 5 amp nano fuses below that 15 amp fuse.

I have attached a picture showing these fuses and their locations on the board.

Likely the F3 fuse has popped and will need to be replaced.

The workhorse does come with spare fuses directly above the RAMBo in a green 3d printed fuse holder.