LulzBot Reboot?

Hi P-

Where is the static forum clone you mention? Thanks for all you do for this community. I’ve been referring to your posts for years!

Wish there was a discord or slack instead of facebook…but at least there’s something.

And sounds like maybe good news…fingers crossed!


Hopefully this secures the future for the repos, forum, support, and future work.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Awesome news! I’m glad they were able to find a buyer.
Also, my dual extruder came in earlier this week. My first test print is cooling now.
Thank you, pehjota, for pointing out the V6 threading. You saved me from buying nozzles that wouldn’t fit.

Woohoo! Hopefully some of the folks will get re-hired - there’s a lot of really good people there.

I’m sure there’s changes coming. Sounds like an emphasis on customer support, and a commitment to open products, which are cool. I’m sure there will be behind the scenes changes, e.g. if a OSS solution is 2x the cost of COTS, that just doesn’t make business sense. Be interesting to see what happens with the product direction too - a dual aerostruder v4? Something to address the Ender price point?

Maybe we’ll get a forum spam filter too :wink:

In any case, that’s great news for long-term support!

Check the last couple of posts - it’s been purchased, so support should be available.

I just bought a workhorse, is lulzbot closed down? I’m a bit pissed I wasn’t aware of this when I bought one. Why isn’t this on their website?

@ducksauce88 - Nope, they’re not closed! They were acquired by FAME 3D and are in the process of moving their production facility to Fargo, ND. They are very much going to be around for the long haul.

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I have been getting support from Lulzbot. Just be patient. They are slowly getting back up to speed.


Thanks guys! I was SUPER excited to own a lulzbot since i’ve been wanting one for years. was sad to read this the day mine was getting delivered lol. I’m hyped again! Best wishes for the company!

2 Likes is unreachable, does anyone know if this is related or just a glitch?

That is correct. They moved it to a new location:


THANK YOU. I was scouring their website for the workhorse manual pdf and their links were dead.

Glad to hear some of us are able to get support right now, I however can’t seem to get any support. I’ve emailed support and called up a few different times with no answer.

So I am coming here to see if anyone here knows where I can get a replacement Taz Pro Dual Head? The one on my companies one unfortunately was killed by a print failure that caused it to ooze into/on everything. I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy just the Pro Head.


@pat I just found this:
Not sure if it can help you or not. saw the dual extruder at the bottom.

Hi Pat. LulzBot has a thin crew operating and a fairly big backlog. But this is complicated by the fact that they are also relocated to North Dakota (which slows the hiring process needed to get manufacturing and support back up to speed.)

It’s probably best to create a new thread about your TAZ Pro Dual Head … so it gets better visibility.

Fortunately your printer is open-source hardware. This means you can pretty much get access to everything… the list of all 3D printed parts and their source files (so you can 3D print your own replacement parts using another printer). They also document all machined parts (not 3D printed) so you know what to get. They also document the assembly instructions, etc. etc. etc.

Go here:

Scoll down to “Dual Extruder Assembly” and you’ll find the complete step-by-step on how to rebuild your print-head.

I’m going to guess the entire head is probably not destroyed … but parts of it are. Most likely the machined (metal) parts are probably solid but any plastic or 3D printed parts might be damaged and/or wiring might be damaged.

The extruders are both E3D Titan Aerostruder heads with direct drive and hardened extruders. That company is

You might also try to reach out to the folks at They service & support LulzBot printers.

Anyone Have the stl for dual v3 exturder body (green piece that the filament flows through)? I have stuck filament, Also appears they were bought out…

pcamera, you should be able to all the 3D printed parts that makeup the Dual Extruder v3 here:

Printing the extruder body, probably won’t help. Its just a block of plastic. The filament is probably stuck in the hotend, or has snapped off just past the hobbed gear. Start a new thread to get more visibility and help from the community. The following has helped me with stuck filament in my dual v3:

  • Pushing the filament through (with another piece of filament) while the dual extruder is intact would be the easiest. Removing the idler levers, will give you access to the filament path past the gears. Which allows you to push the filament with a straight pick or allen wrench.

  • If that doesn’t work, the stuck filament can be revealed by removing the hotend (remove the four screws holding the heatsink fan) from the dual extruder body. Unfortunately, you’ll need to heat up the filament so it can be pulled out.

I try to download Cura Lulzbot Edition for Ubuntu as described on the but the link does not work. Do you know if there is another place I can download it from?