Lulzbot releases a magnetic Flex Bed Assembly!

I just saw this up on the front page, but it looks like Lulzbot came out with their own magnetic flex bed assembly for TAZ and Mini printers!

My question for the official folks is - Are you planning on selling the spring sheet separately? People may want to buy extras without buying a new magnetic base too!

Either way, this looks like a neat addition! Glad to see some new products hitting the market.

Well, they beat me to it! Except I am making a metal bed plate that fits a 1st gen Mini. From what I can tell, the OctoGrab is only for the TAZ models. This is long overdue.

I bought a steel PEI sheet to fit a Prusa MK3, bought a cheap pack of magnets, and printed some PLA brackets to mount the magnets along the sides of the Mini bed. See the dwg below. I cut rectangles out of the corners of the MK3 sheet to fit around the corner washers. The brackets have thumb screws to grab the aluminum base plate.

The steel sheet sits on top of the glass and is heated by the glass underneath. I believe this arrangement gives more uniform heat, since the metal spreads the heat out more uniformly than glass, which is an insulator.

I even printed the brackets on the metal sheet by using spring clips to hold the sheet to the glass.

So far, the results have been excellent. I heat the print bed to 70C to get good PLA adhesion.

I was about to get rid of the Mini because it was so hard to remove the prints, especially if they had a large foot print. Now, I can use it with no problems.

CORRECTION: I didn’t get a metal sheet for an MK3, I got the one for the Prusa Mini, which is a perfect size the the Lulzbot Mini, with room around the edges for the magnets underneath.

I have a Taz 6. How do I know if I have this bed or not?

** Compatible with LulzBot TAZ 6 printers that have been upgraded to the LulzBot TAZ Modular Print Bed System.

Your LulzBot TAZ 6 must be equipped with the TAZ Etched Modular Print Bed Heater (available here) before installing the LulzBot TAZ OctoGrab™ Magnetic Bed Upgrade.

I have the original mini with the modular print bed. Will this work with the bed if it is the non-etched version?

Yes, the important factor is that you have the modular heat bed style.

Well sort of, just tried to install the flex bed on a version 1.04 mini and the flex bed is a tad too big, so it does not fit between the leveling washers. I can only assume the version 2 mini has a slightly larger print bed by a couple of millimeters so it probably works fine. I will be trimming the corners so it will fit :frowning:

I would double check your serial number for that printer. The Mini 1.04 had the black aluminum plate under the print bed and not the silver one.

If you printers SN is KT-PR0035-7499 or lower, you have a 1.03.

You could very easily trim down the flex plate to fit around the corner washers.

You are correct, it is a v1.03. I will make it work. thanks!

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