Lulzbot spare parts

I placed an order on 5th May with no feedback since then on the order. Is there anyone experiencing purchasing issues or any idea why there is a delay? I would not have expected FAME 3D to have a negative effect on this. Advise is greatly appreciated…

I’ve ordered a few things from them.

I will say that they will eventually respond to a question. Sometimes they reply right away but if it needs further investigating it will take some time. Be patient, with the transition and COVID disruptions it’s understandable that it will take some time. They have been getting faster and faster at responding even though all this is going on.

They will ship parts, sometimes you don’t get a heads up until it arrives, but I’ve placed a handful of orders since late 2019 and they all have arrived.

1 Like is a great place for TAZ parts, printers and really great toolhead upgrades. Zach is rebuilding/upgrading a couple of my toolheads right now.