Lulzbot TAZ 5 Printing Skewed Holes

Hey Everyone,

I’m wondering if this is a x-axis alignment issue: it seems that all my holes and/or insets are printing with a slight skew up and to the right. It might be hard to see in the attached pictures but it is definitely there. Has anyone ever run into this problem? I’m printing with HIPS at 220 C with a 0.13 layer height.


Before you fight this, start with an e-steps calibration. Your prints will look much better after this and than you have a good basis for further tuning…


The picture of the round washer was taken after I had calibrated the e-steps. As far as I can measure, my printer is pushing the correct amount of filament through the nozzle. Is there something else I could do to adjust this? Sadly, these pictures are two of the best looking prints I’ve been able to get in two months of printing.


What was the extrusion speed when you did the calibration? I recommend 40mm/s,and check that your springs on the idler are compressed to 5mm (distance between washers).
What’s your esteps value then?

I printed the calibration at 20mm/s with the esteps at 886.

There is something wrong, 886 is unusual high. Most users report values between 800 and 840.
You wrote you printed - what? The basic calibration is done extruding 100mm filament into free air and measuring the delta length that was really driven through. Mark the filament 120mm above the extruder, extrude and measure again. Now the mark has to be 20mm above.

Fine tuning is done by printing flat 20mm calibration cubes, about 3-5mm high at a layer height of 0,1mm and 100% infill. Examine the top surface with a magnifier, if there are gaps between the layers increase esteps by 0,5%, if not decrease by 0.5%. That takes some time, but it’s the key to success.

I adjusted the e-steps using exactly the process you referenced and then printed the washer shown in the picture (a nickel should fit in its inside diameter). Because of the skewing, I can never get the nickel to fit.

What would cause my e-step setting to be so much higher than normal?

Maybe your filament diameter isn’t set correctly, maybe your flow rate is <>1.00?
Do it the try and error way if the first method isn’t working for you:
.) Ensure your filament diameter is set to what you measured on your roll inside your Slicer.
.) Ensure your filament flow rate is set to 1.00 or 100% (depending on your slicers unit).
.) Set your esteps to 840 as a start point.
.) Print the flat calibration cube as described before and reset your esteps first in 1% steps, until you found the lowest value that has no gaps, than fine tune in 0,5% steps.

The hob on your bolt is deeper than most peoples. Which affects the circumference of the bolt where the filament passes through. Making your steps higher than others.