Original Taz 6 single 2.1 head, no e-steps sticker

I switched from my dual extruder to my single temporarily and noticed that there is no e-steps sticker on the back of the unit. Would this be somewhere else with the original equipment?

I think they write that number on a sheet in the documentation packet.

Perfect, found it. On another note, did the test to calibrate it myself. Got 882, punched it in and it fed exactly 100 mm so it’s right. The sheet says 838. Do these things slip with time or are they filament sensitive? Tested with PETG.

I always found the default from Lulzbot was a bit off. I was never sure why. On my printers, they seemed to output too much plastic on the defult e-steps.

You need to make sure the idler arm tension is set correctly for the e-steps calibration: crank it down too much, and you can cause the stepper motor to skip, too little and the filament can slip.

Also, you’ll get much more accurate e-steps calibration if you slow the extrusion speed down to about 40. The OHAI for this suggests a speed of 100, but 40 is much closer to the actual print speed. (I suspect the high speed causes more back-pressure, resulting in either slipping or skipping.)

The paperwork from the factory was 833 on mine. I was getting 868 when I did the calibration, but my parts were significantly over-extruded. I did the calibration 3 more times at the suggested speed of 100, and got 3 numbers that varied a good bit. I finally stumbled across a comment of slowing the speed down. Repeated the calibration and got 821, and found I consistently got the same number. Prints at the 821 setting came out very close to ideal on extrusion rate. Since then, I’ve seen comments on here from a number of others that ended up in the 815-825 range for their e-steps.

Mine was off as well, along with Z-Offset. Latter isn’t as important, after messing with feeler gauges, I set it to -1.250 and forget it.

I ended up very close to your setting, but got there from a different route: Mine came set at -1.35 from the factory. Prints were sticking to the bed way too hard for the 5th & 6th grade kids I work with to remove (they gouged the PEI a couple of times trying). I also noticed the first layer was dragging the nozzle a bit. I bumped up to -1.23 and it solved both problems. Haven’t needed to adjust it since. We’re printing mainly PLA and HIPS. I don’t know if we’ll need to tweak it a bit if we get in to more exotic filaments.