Lulzbot Taz 6 for sale - Portland, Oregon

It has come time for me to sell my Taz 6 which I purchased new. It was only used for the random personal project and for printing fidgets for my kids. You can see pictures and some more details here: Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer - electronics - by owner - sale - craigslist

The printer is located in Portland, Oregon. Ideally it would be a local pickup, but I would be willing to ship it at the buyer’s expense. It does come with the original box and packing material.

I currently have it priced at $600, but am open to offers.

I’ve seen several of these on my local Facebook marketplace. Have you listed it there? Being in a big city like Portland, you’d probably have good luck there.

Thanks for the recommendation. That would require me to get a Facebook account which I’m debating the value of.

If someone wants it for $450 I just want to find it a good home. If not local then you pay shipping.

$450 is a bit of a tough sell anymore when a P1P is only slightly more, and will work out of the box, with a warranty. I know as well as anyone that the 6 is a workhorse, but they’re just not competitive with modern tech except for maintainability.

Facebook marketplace is useful, but as a new account, you may not be trusted enough to sell some stuff.

Unfortunately printers do not appreciate in value and if anything, decline quickly as they are swiftly surpassed by something faster, modern and much easier to use. I completely agree with @Wrathernaut. They are tough machines but also from 2016 or so.

Bambu Labs machines have really dropped the playing field prices. They have dominated the price point that Creality/Anycubic and Prusas have ruled for some time. Creality keeps spinning off new versions of its Ender series every few months. Anycubic is largely a low quality version of a Creality machine.

You could try eBay but again, not to depress you any further but there are many there for $300-$400 that haven’t moved in quite some time.