LULZBOT TAZ 6 - Home Failed; Printer Halted; Please Reset)

Turn on the printer,
. The printer head starts moving, follow with grinding rattling noise
. Then, the screen displays " Homing Failed: Printer Halted - Please Reset "
All the helps are greatly appreciated.

Need more info on “starts moving” does it move up, down, left, right, forward?

Which axis is grinding?

Off hand, I’d say you’ve got a failed limit switch on the X or Y.

Or post a picture of where it is stuck and grinding?

As per advise from LulzBot supports, it’s wiring issue with partial connection somewhere (?).
From my first attempt, I did unplug and carefully re-plug every connection point that relates to the X-axis/motor and the concern is gone.
Many thanks for your great supports!