Lulzbot TAZ 6 Not homing

Help. I have several Lulzbot printers: 4 mini, 2 TAZ 6, and a TAZ PRO. I have been using the older printers for about 4-5 years. The Pro for about a year.
Suddenly, one of the TAZ 6 printers is started making a grinding noise and chattering on the x-axis during a print–it does not chatter when I move the x-axis using the control panel/software controls when I move the toolhead. Now, it is failing to home. I have uninstalled the software, cleaned the cache, reinstalled software, uploaded the latest firmware, set the E step. Still not homing. Any help is appreciated.

Can you include a video? Would also be nice to know the version number of the firmware you are running as well as what tool head?

Firmware is v.
Tool head: TAZ single extruder v. 2, 0.50 nozzle.
I have reloaded the Cura software and again updated the firmware, the printer is now printing, but still has something going on. I have a video and two pics–the pics are to show where the product is placed in software and where it prints on printer.IMG950543|666x500

Still trying to figure out the video upload–

A couple of things to check would be that you have the correct tool head selected by using the LCD menu and selecting your current tool head, you also want to adjust the e-steps to their correct value (i believe your tool head has a sticker which will have the factory calibrated e-steps).

If that doesn’t fix it and you wish to upload a video, youtube or google drive are great hosts for short videos.