LulzBot Taz 6???

Currently have a Taz 4 That i am upgrading to a 5(Hotend and PEI). And now starting to think about getting another Taz 5, But wondering if there is any word on if there is going to be a new TAZ/Printer released in the near future?

February / March ish. You can see pictures of what it looks like under

Wow Looks Pretty sweet, wonder how much the price will increase with the new release

I spoke to a very helpful sales rep at Aleph Objects who confirmed that some of the details for the Taz 6 were still up in the air (possibly not totally reflected by the mangrove info… or developed beyond that) and that release date was going to be March vs. April roughly. I’m not sure how much the 5 would cost to upgrade to the 6 or if it will be that straightforward.

I’m excited about the new dually (not included with taz 6 but in development), the auto bed leveling and hopefully increased performance.