Lulzbot TAZ dual extruder

Hi guys,

We see the new Dual Extruder and Flexy Daully are out

There are some tweaks that are necessary for people who don’t have a TAZ4
If someone would explain them it would be great.

Also I have a question about the design. How does the new added weight affect the sag? Earlier it was sagging a bit when the tool head is in the center of the X carriage. So is there a new solution, or the sag hasn’t increased at all?


It has to increase the sag. You are hanging more mass on a longer lever. I assume it is still a manageable amount, since they are using and selling it. :smiley:

Are we able to download the .stl file for the dually? Is it available?

Everything is posted in this directory on our development server:


Wow!, thanks, I’ll have a look! :wink: