Cant Level FlexyDually Tool Head v2 HALP!!!!!!

I have a Taz 5 with up graded 12mm X-axis rails. I upgraded to 12mm because the 10mm were taking a beating when I would use the FlexyDually Tool Head v2. Whe i connect the FlexyDually Im getting an INSANE amount of sag on the front of the tool head. The height adjustment bolt is bottumed out, and the front extruder head is still dragging on the print bed. There is way too much weight sitting up front. How can I fix/correct this, or is there a Mod i can print that will support more weight than the stock Flexy extruder mount?

So the height adjustment screw is all the way extended? That would push the front nozzle up…

If its bottomed out, then you’re pulling the nozzle to the bed.

Mine works best when I can see a one or two thread of the insert.

There’s also two screws along the bottom which can be tightened to raise the aluminum piece which should get you a little more clearance. Make sure to nail the height of the back extruder (T0) before levelling the front extruder (T1).

Make sure the thermal inserts did not pull out of the back of the mount plate.(near the very back of the extruder)
Sometimes they will break loose and cause the front of the dual to collapse/drop down.

This seems to be the closest forum topic, despite being a few years old - I apologize in advance.

New TAZ6, brand new FlexyDually v2. Fully mounted, remains loose in the “v” hanger.

Able to nudge the entire head, by gently lifting the front edge, a couple mm, as if the ledge lip is too big, or the head catch is too small, or they are not matching in their profile.There is too much “play” in the mount.

I feel that the head should be snug and not move, even a little but, independently from the mount, nestled in and torqued properly.

Is this common or typical? Should I just pad it with material and then go to leveling process?

I had to do a little sanding / filing to get dual V2 seated completely. I also loosened and then tightened the screws holding the lower part on as when all of my extruders were seated naturally, the upper mounting screw didn’t line up.

The sanding / filing was on the corners because they would hit before the wedge was fully seated in the slot. Didn’t take a lot off, just kinda cleaned up the parts.