Lulzbot Taz Workhorse For Sale

Hello All, I’m selling my Lulzbot Taz Workhorse. (Located in the Cincinnati Ohio Area)

Condition: Works perfectly, minor usage marks (currently printing with it now)
Age: 4 months (purchased from Microcenter 20230729)
Reason: Bought it at a great price, but it commands too much of my work space

Comes with: Printer, Tool kit, extra E3d 0.6mm hardened nozzle, additional nozzle wipe pads, Original box, all documentation, SD card, Partial roll(s) of filament

Optional for purchase:
OctoGrab Flexbed: $150 (unopened)

TPU Clear: $29/kg (3 unopened rolls available)

Inland (Microcenter brand)
PETG Clear: $15/kg (1 unopened roll available)
PLA Natural: $15/kg (1 unopened roll available)

Precision 3D Filament (Great filament made in the USA)
PLA Clear: $19/kg (Two unopened rolls available)

COEX (The best filament I’ve used, Made in the USA)
PLA Translucent Blood Red: $15/kg (Will weigh out the partial roll)
PLA Transition Light Grey: $21/kg (1 unopened roll available)

Make an offer if interested.


Local Posting with a few more pics

Now I wanna go to Ohio to see this irl

There are worse reasons to visit Ohio than buying a 3d printer